Song Translation

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In order to request a song translation please fill the Song Translation Request Form below.

Keep in mind that a song translation document takes between 8 to 14 work days from the day the payment is received.


Our song translation service is $40 USD for the document alone, regardless of the length of the song.


We also offer a 30 minute virtual meeting with one of our experts to further explain the details, context and nuances of the song in question for the total sum of $60 USD (Document included).


Please refer to our Payment Methods page for more payment details and options. If you prefer using a payment method other than PayPal please select it in the form below.

After you submit the request form, we will analyze the details and will send you an email with the payment details.

Once the payment is received we will begin working on translating the song in question. once complete your document will be delivered by email in PDF format. It will include a hyperlinked table of contents so that you can easily find your way around it.

If you chose the 30 minutes virtual meeting service, we will send you all required information via email in order to set a date for the meeting.