introduce yourself with

a professional Biography

What better way to introduce yourself to your clients and your public than with a professional biography tailored to present you in the best way possible?


Our marketing team is ready to put its knowledge at your service to give you a well-written well-organized professional document that tells the story of YOU!

Furthermore, we're ready to write about you in three different languages; English, French, and more interestingly, Arabic! That way you can let your biography professionally introduce you wherever you go, especially if you're performing for the Arab community all over the world. 

Why choose to create 

your biography with us

  • Our editors are professional writers with several years of experience in writing magazine articles and sales documents.


  • We write your biography with the dance community in mind.


  • We have the knowledge and the know-how to tailor our writing to the market trends.

  • We offer you three unique versions of your biography in three different languages.

  • Our document will be proofread to insure virtually zero errors.

  • We also offer a short version of your biography that can be used for a multitude of purposes (Short Descriptions, Picture Captions, etc.)