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your music options 

Bellydance Empire offers you a highly skilled team of Lebanese musicians and sound engineers ready to modify, mix and blend your music the way you want to in the most professional way possible.

We always take into consideration the different venues and sound systems your music selection will be played on, whether it's through your earphones or through a large sound system. 


We always stay true to the original songs and make our modifications and mixes as seamless as possible while respecting the rhythm, time signature and general beat of the songs.


We also offer the option to create a slower and a faster version of your edited songs so that you can better practice your dance/choreography and master it the way you desire.

what we offer you

  • Shortening of the song to meet time requirements

  • Quality enhancement of old song

  • Joining several songs together

  • Medley creation

  • Slower and/or faster tempo version of songs

  • Sound effects addition to songs

  • Custom requests