Preorder Your Lebanese Oriental Dance Cane

30$ CAD

Made from local bamboo sticks, our Lebanese canes are  traditionally shaped, cut and sanded by skilled craftsmen and women to offer you a dancing cane that perfectly fits all your dance styles.

It's thin and lightweight, which is perfect for handling, fast twirling and balancing on different parts of your body. It's also resilient enough to take hard slams and hits on any surface or floor.


The size of our canes are ideal for all types of venues, especially ones with a low ceiling. And it's small enough to fit in your traveling bags for when you have contracts beyond your local area. 


  • Each cane is unique in color grading, shades and curvature.

  • The width and length of each cane may vary slightly due to the uniqueness of the wood.

  • The head of each cane is bent the traditional way using water and heat, so each head is unique.

  • Delivery date is during Amalia Maksoud's Workshops in Canada in May and June of 2017.

  • The handle part of each cane is sanded for optimum grip.

  • The approximate length of our canes is around 80 cm (41.5 in) and the diameter of the cane varies between 0.9 cm (5/16 in) and 1.5 cm (5/8 in).

  • Each cane is inspected and tested by our team to make sure it meets highest requirements, so sales are final.