professional Costume

Maintenance and Repair

We know how much you value your dance wardrobe. Which is why Bellydance Empire offers you our professional costume maintenance, adjustments and repair service so that you can extend the life of your costumes and dresses and make sure you're dancing with something that won't fail you mid-show. 

Our seamstress teams located in Montreal, Egypt and Lebanon are ready to give a new life to your old costumes and make them almost as good as new, if not better!

How to use this service

Send us an email on with as many pictures of your costume/dress as you want, pointing out the things you'd like us to repair and we'll communicate back with all of the details (closest shipping/drop-off location, time-frame to finish the job, appropriate quotation, etc.)


Our hourly rate is $25 USD (calculated in half-hour increments with a minimum charge of $12.5 USD). Depending on the state of  your costume/dress we'll evaluate the time it takes us to finish your request and send you our quotation.